After a two-a-day training of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Crossfit, like a zombie I walked to the kitchen. I always thought athletes needed a diet high in carbohydrates, probably from my football team’s pre game ritual of pasta dinners, so I decide to make some lazy mans spaghetti. I boiled pasta, heated sauce and threw in some ground beef. As I fix my plate with tons of pasta meat and sauce it resembled a caterers serving dish and not a regular kitchen plate. After consuming this feast I crashed and had to sleep but it was only 1:30. Yes 4 hours of exercise is enough to make best athletes tired but the carb crash has a completely different feeling leaving that leave you debilitated and steals your motivation.

Does this happen to you on a regular basis? May be you are not training for the jiu-jitsu world championships but after a early start and a morning of action you feel you deserved a “good” lunch and you satisfied your craving with a carb laden feast. Only to find your self even more lethargic, now feeling full, tired, and unmotivated. Its not your fault you just haven’t been raised in a culture that embraces the effect that food has on your body. Your diet is your fuel source and not your reward system. This is the weakness in many American diets.

The Paleolithic diet changed my life giving me a completely different way to look at food and I feel the difference. Check out or read the Primal Blue Print by Mark Sisson. The primal methodology is built on the basis that our hunter-gather ancestors enjoyed superior health and were more aligned to our genetic make up. The fact is that we are 99.999% genetically similar to our primal ancestors and that we have not evolved enough to benefit form the consumption of processed carbohydrates. Simply carbohydrates trigger insulin and insulin regulates blood sugar, which results in fat storage and that lethargic feeling you get from that carb-laden lunch. More specifically because your brain runs solely on glucose and when insulin tells your body to store in all you brain is left with no fuel to maintain it normal function…. Sorry nerd moment more details in later posts J limiting the intake of processed carbohydrates is the most critical action you must take for your health.

The Paleolithic diet will help you avoid the unpleasant physical effects of high carbohydrate eating and enjoy the long-term weight loss and the prevention of many common lifestyle related health problems. So instead of reaching for the energy drink to pick you up form the that carb laden diet reach for The Primal Blue Print and start you journey of educating your self on the Paleolithic diet and more specifically the effect the “bad carbs” are having on your health and energy levels.